Romeo’s fault or not?

March 15, 2012
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In Romeo and Juliet everything that could go wrong for Romeo did go wrong maybe even horrible at times. I think that everything that happened in the story was not Romeo’s fault. Romeo was not at fault because of certain factors that played in to all that happened like he was soft, the factor of fate, and he had the in ability to think things through all the way.

Romeo was soft due to him being in love with Rosaline who didn’t like him that much at all. So Romeo became heartbroken from that situation. Romeo then became in love with Juliet not that long and they were already getting married to each other. Then another reason why Romeo was soft was because he said in Act III scene I line 79,” Gentle Mercutio put thy rapier up.” This just shows that Romeo was soft because he didn’t want trouble to start or anyone to die.

Another reason why Romeo was getting into trouble was fate. Fate played the biggest part in all that happened. It seemed to be fate that caused Romeo to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Romeo may have caused his fate to be bad but fate really played a big factor in the long run. Fate caused Romeo to just happen to be at the Capulet ball where he meets Juliet who he was soon to be married to. It was fate that caused Mercutio to die and it was fate that caused Tybalt to die right after.

The most important reason why Romeo was not at fault was his clear to see inability to think things through all the way. In Act III scene I after Tybalt killed Mercutio, Romeo never even bothered to think about what would happen as an outcome if he killed Tybalt. Romeo clearly just wasn’t thinking anything through all the way to see the pros or cons of what he was doing. You can see this best when Romeo had just recently meet Juliet at the Capulet ball and they were in love. But wait it heats up when Romeo and Juliet get married. Romeo couldn’t see the outcome or even think what this would lead to in the end.
In conclusion Romeo was not truly at fault for all that has went wrong in the story due to certain factors. Well what can you say Romeo had flaws just like everyone in this world that lives. I don’t care who you are you are always sure to have flaws. Flaws are in every human so you really can’t blame Romeo for anything.

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