cell phons ipods should be aloud in class

March 14, 2012
By nicholas wireman BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
nicholas wireman BRONZE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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So many kids bring their phones and i pods to class and they always get caught and teachers say its a bad thing to have them in class but is it really a bad thing i will be telling you about how some times a cell phone or i pod can help the student in class

my first reason is sometimes in class kids have a hard time trying to focus on their work and sometimes teachers will put on some music to help the relax and it works but they only put it on for a short time students on their i pods have music and that will relax them and helps a lot

my second reason for cell phones and i pods should be aloud in class is people have trouble in class like maybe they need help well phones can be used as a calculator or as a source of information if their aloud by the teachers and if the student has down time him or her can play games if its aloud in class by their permission

and for the third reason for having a cell phone in class is what if their is a emergency like what if some has a seizure you can call a hospital and if there is a fire in the school then you can call the fire department

despite all of the good things there are tempted to text and to call some one for no reason you’ll fell the urge to watch music videos and such

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on Mar. 14 2012 at 4:06 pm
NobodyYouKnow BRONZE, Princeton, Massachusetts
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Aloud means with noise. The word you are looking for is allowed. You make a good point about music being relaxing, but if a kid is listening to their ipod, they are constantly choosing and changing their music, which distracts them from their work.


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