March 8, 2012
What is honor? Is honor something that someone feels after they do something great? Is honor a figment of one's imagination? Can honor be bound to something inanimate or to any one thing?
The thing is, there is no true definition of honor. Honor could be a feeling. It doesn't have to be felt after something great is done. It could be a figment of one's imagination. It could be bound to something inanimate and to any one thing. But, there is no definition, no true placement of honor.
No one knows what honor is. Asking what honor is, it can't be answered. It's an unanswerable question and try as hard as you can to find the answer, but you never will. It's impossible. An impossible answer to a question that is asked but never spoken. An answer that would reveal much but will never be found. What is honor? We may never know.

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