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March 10, 2012
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Sexual Violence is a very serious and cruel thing and should not be taken lightly. The definition of sexual violence is any sort of nonconsensual sexual contact. But the question is why shouldn’t sexual violators be given prescription drugs to help them ease their symptoms?

Sexual violence can be found in many ways such as actual penetration, touching, encouraging of anything they don’t want to do or showing them inappropriate things. Imagine a world without rape and sexual violence; this dream can be reality if we would give sexual violators prescription drugs to help with their problem. Of course there would have to be some regulations if this was put in place, such as these drugs can only be given in small amounts to prevent addiction and only given to violators are willing to change are fully committed. And the last regulation that must be followed is that their physician must monitor them carefully.

There would be many positive effects if this drug were given to these sexual violators. A few of these positive effects would be that it would decrease the rape rate by as much as 40% in some areas and would also help those who have had an encounter with a sexual violator to recover and forgive those who have hurt them. Also it would give women who are afraid of being violated by others a sense of security that is very much needed. If sexual violators took this drug they would no longer need to beat their sex partner or rape them and thus they would no longer be sexual violators! Everyone wins with this drug!

Sexual violence will be a thing of the past if we give sexual violators the prescription drugs they need to live a normal life with the least amount of roadblocks in their way! And lets not forget all the happy people not getting raped or violated!

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