March 10, 2012
By Sagearoonie BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Sagearoonie BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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How would you like it to beat against a table? or worse how would you like if you were
skinned alive? Well I'm here to speak for the unspoken. I’m here to say it’s not a fair fight. No one
or anything should be treated like this, especially animals. For someone or something that has no
voice you NEED to treat them better than to any other creature. Did you know that it takes about
60 minks to make one fur coat?!?! I just don't get why someone would buy a coat made of 55
deaths to keep them “warm”. Whats Wong with a great North Face coat or a Patagonia jacket?
Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment. Eating
animals it totally not fair. Yes, I know life isn't fair but there will be no life for them to say it’s not
fair!! Have you ever seen on your shampoo bottle no testing on animals? Well good for them but
for the people at Suave should be ashamed.You know when you see a bottle and it says tear free
almost all of the time they test on animals. And last but defiantly not least entertainment . (which i
must remind you we don't need, at all) Elphants stay in chains for apoxmatly 23 hours a day.
Tigers are taken from their family from the wild and put in a small cage and told how act. They are
alos beaten with a bull hook. How would you like to be like this?

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