Ford Vs. Chevy

March 9, 2012
American’s love their cars. Two of the most popular automobile companies in the United States are Ford and Chevrolet. People love to compare the Ford and Chevy companies.
The Ford Automobile Company is the oldest automobile company in the whole world. They made the first car. It was called the Model T. Over the years, this company have had some successes and failures. Some examples of successes for Ford are the Mustang and the F-150 series. Failures for this company were the Ford Edsel and Coronet. Some of the prototypes are the Syn, GT-90 and the Evos. These have not been released. Some Ford classics are the Shelby Cobra, which was made by Carroll Shelby, Galaxy and the Mustang.

The Chevrolet Automobile Company is one of America’s favorite automobile makers. My dad’s first car was a Chevy Nova. Hopefully, my car will be the new Corvette. Some of the types of Corvettes are regular, ZR1, Z51 and the Z06. The Cameros types are regular, Super Sport (SS) and Z28.

Personally, I prefer Chevy cars. I hope to own one in the future. I will join the millions of Americans who drive the roadways.

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