Legalizing Medical Merijuana

March 9, 2012
By AustinN12345 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
AustinN12345 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Legalizing medical marijuana something that is one of the most controversial topics in debate in today’s society. Many people think that is wrong to legalize it but there are also a lot of people who want it legalized. Some states have already made it legal to use and buy if you have a licenses proscribed by a doctor.
Many people think that people today use medical marijuana just to get high and that people fake medical problems just to get and use the illegal drug. But that is not the case; in most places people who use the drug have serious medical problems that could not function on a day to day basis without the use of medical marijuana. Marijuana has been known for many years to have pain killing properties. And many people use this instead of traditional pain killing drug that can have very serious side effects. Medical marijuana gives people the pain killing affects of powerful pain killers without all the extreme side effects of the pain killers.

Over the years a very few studies have been done on medical marijuana and those that have not come up with any harmful proprieties. There are many good things about it like killing pain helping with cancer therapy and many other good effects. The only bad things found in studies so far is that there is no good way to get quick use of the marijuana other then smoking. The smoke has been show to be around the same dangers of cigarettes but due to many people smoking marijuana less then someone would smoke cigarettes the danger goes way down. Also no reports in recorded history have ever showed anyone dying from marijuana. There for if the drug is not smoked there are no dangers associated with the drug.

Many people are under the impression that if you do marijuana that you will move onto hard core drugs or that marijuana is highly addictive. But these are wrong studies have been done and they have found that most people who do marijuana never go on and use hard core drugs like meth and heroin. Also studies have been done and found that marijuana is in most cases is not addictive at all. The drug is habit forming but people who had been on the drug for a long period of time had almost no problem at all getting off of marijuana. If all of this is compared with legal cigarettes that are smoked by millions of Americans an extreme number of people die from them each year and cigarettes are extremely addictive and very hard to get off of.

Over all in the USA the drug gets a very bad rap. All the time it has been associated with crime and for the most part this is true. But when you get down to why that is you find that it is because it is illegal. Most people who use marijuana usually get it from an illegal source which in turn gives money to drug dealers who also sell more hard core drugs that kill thousands. If marijuana was made legal for medical use it would get rid of the huge portion of money that is going to the drug dealers. That also frees up a lot of money that is being spent by the US government to try to stop the drug. Then they would also be able to regulate and tax the drug which means huge amounts of money to go to things like schools and communities. This has been done and has been show to work quite well the local government gets thousands of dollars a year that they can put towards schools, communities and other helpful programs. If this was all done nationwide the government would have millions to help with the bad economy.

There for if all of the studies and facts have shown that medical marijuana is very safe and helps thousands of people every year then why make it illegal. If the government does it right and legalizes it then it would most likely do more good than bad.

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