Torture Over American Lives

March 8, 2012
By MattyB BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
MattyB BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Many people believe torture in Guantánamo Bay is unjust and against our constitution, but is it really? People say that torture doesn’t help with anything and just causes more problems than needed but the torture helped get information to the whereabouts of Bin Laden. Terrorist torture in Guantánamo Bay is an asset to our war on terrorism and should be allowed to receive information.
America treats its prisoners of terror much better than the Arab World. Sudan, Arabia, Syria and many more countries are notorious for torturing our American soldiers to the point of death. Nowhere in our most used torture method “water-boarding”, do we even come close to death. The other countries make themselves sound like hypocrites when they say we treat our prisoners in a cruel way. The same people that complained about the cruel ways we treat our prisoners turned a blind eye to the way Dictator Saddam Hussein treated his. They didn’t say a word about how there were mass burials and blood stained walls in his prisons.
Water-boarding helps get some of the tightest lipped terrorists to speak and spill out information. Water-boarding is a method we use that simulates being drowned. The person would get strapped onto a board with their feet slightly above their head; they will put a towel over the persons face and pour water onto the towel to make the person think they are being drowned. This is a very effective method and has been used on three major al-Qaeda leaders and most notably Khalid Sheik Mohammed. Khalid Sheik Mohammed directed the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Through water-boarding he said he was the head of the al-Qaeda military committee. He also agreed that he had wired money to his nephew Ramzi Yousef to go through the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center which Ramzi masterminded.
Terrorist attacks don’t happen overnight. A lot goes into the planning of attacks, years maybe even decades. Torture helps us get information on future attacks. That kind of information is a big deal, something like that could save hundreds of thousands of lives. Getting information about a future attack could help us stop it; we could get information on the whereabouts of where this attack will take place and who is planning it and where they are located. That information could then be relayed to our armed forces like our SEALS or Rangers and they could eliminate the threat that risked thousands of lives.
People say it is unjust and shouldn’t be allowed but why not? They say because America has been based around ethics and laws. Torture is said to throw all that down the drain. We don’t torture every single person put into Guantánamo Bay just the ones we believe hold information. Looking at the other nations and the things they do to our American troops, the things we do don’t even stack up. Would you rather have thousands of soldiers die or even innocent citizens or rather a terrorist to feel uncomfortable for a couple minutes. Terrorist will say anything to stop torture whether or not it is true. That is another complaint but if that were to happen we would find out soon enough and just go straight back into the process that they had going on before. What other way is there to get any kind of information out of a terrorist? We aren’t going to sit them down in a meadow with butterflies and have tea. That’s just not going to happen, we would get nowhere with that.
People don’t understand that we use the methods we use to get information out of these guys. We don’t do it just to have fun and see them squirm and cry for it to stop; there is a process behind it. Each and everything we do to our prisoners is solely based on getting information out of them. We try to get all the information we can get because three different people could say three different things, but they are all connected so we would retain more knowledge. Torture is a great asset to our government and they shouldn’t even question getting rid of it.

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The war on terrorism prompted me to write this.

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