Life in a Gang

March 8, 2012
By Anonymous

”Hurt him.”, ”Get him good.”, ” Don't let him get up, homie.” Those sayings are part of what gang members yell out when you're being jumped into a gang. It happens like this, you start to get pressured by your friends and others to join, than you fall into the pressure, you get jumped in, and from there you're a member and you do what your ” homies” tell you to do. All gangs in todays society are too much trouble and are nothing but bad.

As the years pass the percentages of gangs have been rising with so many people being presured, but in todays society there's been much more pressure to do things many teenagers and prople around gang activity don't want to. Some of the pressure is coming from family members or even school, from the gang members already in them. Members in gangs pressure teens, mostly guys, to join their gang. They try to convince you by telling you that you'll get respect from others if you join, they'll even pressure you by simply saying your a ”punk” and ”weak.” This pressure can get to them and in the end results they'll end up joining and they won't realize what pain it might cause them and the people around them.

Once you're in a gang, you learn that it's risky, dangerous, and peer trouble. When you're I a gang all you do is go around in a group with other members and cause problems. Most of them drink and smoke weed instead of being productive and being better civilized people who with hard. A lot of the time gangs do illegal things such as, smoking and selling drugs, to earn a quick buck and hurting and terrorizing people, and stealing. Gang members are also lonley. They have nothing to do. All, they do is sit around doing drugs and drinking. They don't really socialize with other people except for the people in their gang they try to only have friends in the gang. Gang members and being part of a gang is horrible, gang members are sent out on ” missions” to go hurt and kill people that they are having problems with. They do these things to have people fear them and earn respect when all this is causing trouble for them. The activities they do can cause gang members to get locked up.

Not only does being pressured into a gang cause trouble for yourself and members, but it also affects the people around them. It causes trouble and pain for your family,friends, and other loved ones because not only do you put yourself into danger and trouble, but you also put other loved ones at risk of getting hurt. All the trouble and choices gang members decide to do affects the people around them and eventually the people who cared about them and hung out with you finally decide to avoid any contact with you because your decisions aren't worth them getting into trouble as well.

Joining and being in a gang is not worth all the trouble and pain. Being a gang member doesn't get you anything, but more trouble and problems for yourself. Being a gang member means getting in trouble with the law and becoming a while different person. Family and loved ones are hurt with decisions that are made and cause gang members to feel lonely. Being a gang member and joining a gang is pointless and is too risky and sketchy.

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