School Uniforms

March 8, 2012
By Kassidy123 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
Kassidy123 BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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As of 2008, 16.5 % of public schools in the U.S.A. wear mandatory school uniforms. The first state to have the most schools with uniforms was New York. There are many statistics that state that school uniforms have a positive response on schools. I believe that school uniforms should be worn in all schools because it reduces the amount of bullying in those schools.

There have been tests throughout the US to find out how school uniforms improve the schools. Some statistics show that fights and muggings in schools have reduced by 50 %, sexual offences have reduced by 74 % and school referrals have reduced by 42 %. School uniforms create a safer campus, prevent gang activity, encourage discipline, and help students feel a sense of belonging and school pride. I find this amazing because all it takes are school uniforms for people to change the way they act in school.

Wearing school uniforms creates a better learning environment for students because they aren’t going to be worried about how their outfit looks or how their friends are dressed that day. Therefore, students are going to be more focused on their school work and learning. Parents believe that wearing school uniforms keeps students more focused on school and not on the new fashion trends.

It also helps keep a safer campus. Students aren’t allowed to express themselves, meaning they can’t wear any gang related clothing or be judged on their clothes. Studies have shown that bullying and school “cliques” are not as popular in schools that have uniforms. A clique is a small, exclusive group of people. School cliques put too much unwanted stress on students because they are expected to always fit in to that certain crowd. Why should we have more stress that isn’t necessary? Students don’t get bullied because of their styles and don’t have to be objected to peer pressure when everyone is wearing the same clothes. When students can’t afford the clothes that they are expected to wear by their peers, it makes them feel unwanted and breaks down their self esteem. I know this from personal experience.
One of the cons on wearing school uniforms is no freedom for self expression. Students will not be able to wear the clothes they want, making it harder for them to be themselves. This makes people wonder how many students are uncomfortable wearing their school uniforms. Will wearing the same thing every school day make kids more susceptible to wearing inappropriate clothing on the weekends or during break?

Enforcing school uniforms in public schools can be very difficult. Some parents would rather send their child to public school than to private school because public schooling is free. If we add the school uniforms to every U.S. school, will it be a burden to the parents who aren’t doing well financially?

After seeing all of the pros and cons to wearing school uniforms, I still believe that school uniforms should be worn in all schools. I think that if all students wear the same clothing, they can focus on school more and we will see less students failing so many classes. Street clothes cause a distraction in the classroom that is completely preventable, we just need to put in a little more effort.

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