Should I Tie My Laces?

March 6, 2012
By nikki_758 BRONZE, Baoshan Township Hsinchu County, Other
nikki_758 BRONZE, Baoshan Township Hsinchu County, Other
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Will I fail my test if I don’t take notes? I missed a week of school while I was sick. I got 90% on my chemistry test. I know I can do the same. I don’t remember anything we’ve learned for the past few weeks

I don’t want to take those notes because I don’t understand them, and it wastes my time as I can’t remember anything from them after I write them. I know I will read my textbook and still nothing will make sense but then at least I’m working on my own terms. I will go and watch the videos on khan academy because I think the guy on there is really smart and I want to meet him, but I can’t, so I will just listen to his videos to learn biology

I know I will delete this document as soon as I finish writing this, but I still feel like writing, or typing

I want to write down everything but there is a lock around my heart that blocks my throat and my fingers from saying what I really feel and think which prevents me from expressing myself through my music

I feel like the world is far away. when I read a book, as I am now, I feel like I’m not a part of this world, like I become the character in my book and everything else is irrelevant. I feel very calm as if the world is flat, and we don’t need to climb mountains or go down sewers to see the world or communicate with people, which is something I can’t do.

I feel like not tying my boot’s laces even though they’re not untied at the moment. will I trip if they’re not tied? or do people not trip because their laces are tied. will I not trip if I tie my laces? probably not, because I always trip.

I just went through this piece and capitalized all my Is. I realized that my first paragraph was a mix of capitalized and lower case Is, which is natural, but starting from the second paragraph, they’re all lower case, as if I’m doing it on purpose to make this seem casual. But now I am capitalizing all my Is because this is the way it should be.

Twenty minutes ago, my boots weren’t laced, but I subconsciously tied them even though I didn’t want to. I wanted to make a point, but I also didn’t want my laces to get dirty, or for other people to step on them, which would probably make me trip. If other people stepped on my laces, then it wouldn’t be my fault if I tripped, but then I would still have tripped, making other people think that I tripped because my laces were untied, and they would all laugh making me wish I had tied my laces, which I did.

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