700 Days

March 6, 2012
There are around 700 days of high school. Probably about 20-30 thousand days in someones life. Why do we make out high school to be so much. The reason, because it is. High school can make or brake people. People are bullied, pushed around, judged, put into some group that you never really can get out of. Jocks, Cheerleaders, Band Geeks, Guard Geeks, Losers, and so much more. Everyone has been there, the sad part, not everyone comes out of it alive. It only takes 1 second to judge someone. It only takes one second to say hi to someone. One second to be lost forever. Ask yourself how do you treat others? Have you ever known someone who has cut themselves, starved themselves for food to look thinner, has put a gun to there head, or ever just cried themselves to sleep. I have at least one friend in each one of those situations. I'm pretty sure you know them too. It takes one second to say Hi. how many people have you ignored, and can't even say hi to them any more. How many people in your phone do you actually talk to? There's 700 days in high school and people tell you its only that long look past it all. But honestly it only takes ONE SECOND to kill someone due to being bullied, because you couldn't say hi or even reach out a hand when you knew very well what was going on.

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