A Voice That Will Soon Be Heard!

March 5, 2012
By BlueDiamond SILVER, Woodinville, Washington
BlueDiamond SILVER, Woodinville, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"No lies, just love"
"die trying"

I wish I could say what I want
Be what I want
And do what I want.
But life will never change.
And school at cant express my self.
So who else can I be.
The Constitution promised us Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Press.
Sometimes to me... I don't think the teachers or anyone in that matter understands me.
Am I asking for to much to just be heard?
I sometimes have wanted to do things that I thought would take this pain away...
But more and more just happens.
I want love. But doesn't everyone.
I want to heard. But I guess I'm not loud enough.
I want a life. But things can't change.
Society has done a lot of things to this world that can't be fixed.
But no matter how hard I will try. I'm "different".
People tell me.
"(My Name) you are amazing the way you are."
But am I?
We all may look different, but in the end we are all the same in my vision.
Only thing that changes us is...
Our gender.

The author's comments:
My self. Weird but true. I want to be heard. I hate these rules at school. I can't even dye my hair the color I like because Freedom of Speech isn't allowed. But I have a voice... And one day I'll be heard.

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