February 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Black Hair, blue eyes

No birth mark. Bruises on arms and neck
Got them from getting beat on (men)

Goes to the park when she's angry

Secret is step father touches on her (rape)

Going to movies and out to eat
Wears Blue jeans and a tank top with hoodie
Her best friend Beth

She throws out small clothes
It’s hard for her to throw out the things like jewelry( a heart shaped necklace) and books that her mom gave her.
She lost her mom at a young age

Having fun at the park with her mom when she was young every day.
It's powerful and lasting because they were real close

She has never been in love.
Was to shy

Her step father is her family and Beth is her best friend
Surrounds herself with nobody
Character is closest to Beth
Wishes she was still close to her mom

She laughs out loud when she thinks about all the fun things
Her and her mom did.

Remembering the pain that she had her whole entire life.

No one’s there. She is alone.

The author's comments:
Just a character a normal person.

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