A Symbol of Control

February 29, 2012
By Jabee Leung BRONZE, Waltham, Massachusetts
Jabee Leung BRONZE, Waltham, Massachusetts
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In “A Shortcut to Independence” by Anita Chikkatur, the author decides to have a short haircut, and she makes this decision on her own. This experience gives her chance to realize the style she wants to follow. In Indian culture, “long hair is considered an essential part of being a woman”, but she can’t take care of her hair on her own, so she wants to have a shortcut. Most importantly, she thinks her long hair “(is) a symbol of control”, and she wants to get rid of the symbol. “(She wants) to feel free and independent”, so she makes this decision. A month after she cut her hair, “(she) realize(s) that short hair (is) right for (her)”, because she starts to find out who she wants to be but not her parents want her to be. With shortcut, she doesn’t need to dress girly like before; instead, she wants to dress jeans and T-shirt. She loves the style that with short hair and she feel free in this way, because she can take care of her hair by herself. She removes the symbol of control of her parents. She finds a more comfortable and free way to live, the most suitable way for her. She wants to be the girl who can decide her own style and take care of herself independently.

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