¿Can't think of anything to type?

February 27, 2012
Well here I am , at the English Lab and every one typing and I’m thinking what to type and I’m way behind .

Here I am at Mr. Yontrarak’s for homeroom, the clock is ticking then 8:14 am, couple of seconds till the loudspeakers beep then I head off to 1st period. My class go to the gate getting ready to run 1 mi. After 1 hr, I get ready to go to 2nd period.

I just came from 1st period and now we have to meet outside the English Lab and there I am waiting seeing everyone going this way and that way then here comes our teacher we go in and she calls of numbers “1 to 10, get a laptop and start typing” after that “11 to 20”.

After I started my title , IT HIT ME.
I finally knew what to type about, so now here I am, typing this narrative which you are reading now.

I learned that due dates can’t wait LONGER and now I don’t have much to type.

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