February 26, 2012
By , Lincoln, NE
“Fear makes one feel more deeply, rise to anger more quickly, cry more easily. It is not necessarily fun or exciting, it is simply profound. And during that time, your brain is intensely engaged.” Fear, an emotion that can be so strong, you believe your world is crashing down around you. There are no avenues for escape, though you have searched and searched. You are in a sense of denial that this dreaded event will even occur. Bile churns in your stomach, pleading for mercy until you crumple into a ball of shattering emotions. Terrorizing horror racks your body, tormenting your mind till nothing but a scramble of morals and expectations is left, dominated by fear.
The mere mention of fear is something that people usually shy away from. There are few who will engage it as a new challenge to overcome. Despite this prototype, fear can have a devastating impact on someone, possibly changing their life. The occurrence of a traumatic event can sprout constant fear in someone’s subconscious. I was once told that you can tell what has happened in someone’s life through their music. One will be able to detect the harshness of a painful experience or the existence of fear through the tone of the instrument and the emotion put behind the piece. It is amazing how something as common as fear can change how we live our life or the subtlety of a bow stroke.

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