Learning From Unwind

February 26, 2012
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The novel, Unwind, forced me to think of things that I never had to think of before. It helped me earn a new perspective on society’s rules, popularity, and environment.
How can society justify unwinding? Sure society has justified other things that aren’t good. In this case though, society is saying murder is okay. Parts of society are against abortion. In the novel, Unwind, children can be “unwound.” Society allows this, which by their terms is also murder.

Also, how does unwinding factor into the population? If a person has a diseased organ, than they can just replace that organ with one from an unwind. There isn’t a need for scientists to research and create medicines. People can just pay for a new body part. With unwinding though, you can cheat death. If your heart starts failing, then you can get a new one. People come close to being immortal. Earth isn’t that big though. Already, the birth rate is greater than the mortality rate. If people could keep on living by receiving new body parts, then the population would increase.

If the population grows and no one dies, then the environment can be affected. Since people can live longer and the mortality rate is decreasing, more housing and space is needed. More forests and wildlife will be destroyed to build new living quarters. More food will also need to be made for all the people. That means more farms to raise livestock. Already the run off from farms is greatly affecting local water supplies.

Even though the novel, Unwind, takes place years into the future, I can envision these things happening. Of course, the book takes place in the future, but technology and science can still improve and could lead to events, such as the ones in the story.

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