A Brighter Side

February 24, 2012
Living with regrets? Don’t. Every choice you make, every word you say every detail of your day is what makes you, you in the long run. If you regret something you did or said and you want to take it back, don’t. If you like who you are at the end of the day, then you’re doing just fine in the game of life even living with your “regrets”.

People go on day after day being miserable about things that they can’t change. You need to learn how to dance in the rain. Things may not be going the way you want but if you dwell on the bad things then you’ll never be happy. In the morning when you wake up, all you need to do is say “Today is going to be a good day.” By going through your day believing that it’s a good day and having an open mind, you will have a great day.

People think that happiness is a destination. But happiness is not a destination, it’s an emotion. People put a time limit on happiness by saying things like “I’ll be happy when ____” giving them something to work on to get happy instead of just being happy how they should be. Happiness comes and goes as every other emotion does. If you take any situation and look at what’s bad about it, you’re not going to be happy. Instead of saying “I almost died,” try saying “I survived.”

It’s okay to be sad sometimes, you’re only human, if more people thought a little more about being happy and a little less time dwelling on being miserable, life would be so much better to get through each and every day.

Say what you’re thinking, tell people how you feel. Life is an unknown thing; you go throughout your day with a blindfold on. There’s no life manual, there’s no right or wrong way to life your life. If you don’t say what you think and tell people how you feel, you may never get the chance.

Don’t live with regrets, look at the brighter side of every situation, and say what you’re thinking. You only live once; you might as well make it the best.

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