Sloar Storms

February 21, 2012
By Ries23 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
Ries23 BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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The solar flares or storms are very beautiful from a distance in a huge telescope but are very hazardous to our planet. A solar flare is when an eruption or explosion happens on our sun. When this happens large particles of radiated heat travels straight from where the explosion happened also carrying a heated ray from the sun at the same time, according to chow at
A solar flare, the most recent happened on January, 27 this year of 2012. An opinion of mine is that this could be probably a reason why there’s a big drought all around the world.
A solar storm effects us by, disrupting our satellites or interfering with our connections around the world. Also by making our airplanes and airlines stop flights and delay them because the flare interferes with the planes frequencies. So the northern planes had to reroute because of the flare
It also has an effect on global warming because it affects our atmosphere. The heat and radiation affects the ice caps and the phases of our planet.
I believe that solar storms or solar flares are basically huge holes in the sun or whirlpools of super heated radiated magma. When a solar flare happens it acts like a volcano erupting and spitting out magma at our planet. That its particles heat the surface of our planet and heat up our planet. Making it not snow over here in Dallas. Also making our television signals worse than usual.
I think that solar storms are seriously bad for our planet because it has radiation and that affects us badly. I believe that the solar flares are just a way to view the sun from a different view. Its like saying it is angry. When a solar flare happens the hole tends to get worse get bigger and more effective.
Chow shows an example,(“That a huge solar storm the strongest one this year erupted in 1/27/12 from the same active region of the sun that triggered a ragging solar tempest earlier this week”)
For a scary speculation about the end of civilization in 2012, people usually turn to the cryptic Mayan prophecy, not scientists. But that’s exactly what a group of NASA-assembled researchers described in a chilling report issued earlier this year on the destructive potential of solar storms.
In conclusion, A way to prepare for a solar storm is to have food and water around at all times when the power is out. Another way is to use less electricity so the power lines or transformers don’t brake or malfuntion in the process of transferring electricity. If the transformers go out then there’s no power and if they stop the power that will cost trillion of dollars so when in a crisis of a huge solar storm don’t leave everything on because it will disappear

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