Paws and Order

February 20, 2012
Animals are being neglected more and more each day, and but put a stop to it. You don’t need to be a cop, a judge, or anything like that to put an end to it. You just need the courage to speak up and just by doing so, you have saved an animal’s life. If we don’t stop animal cruelty, animals will end up becoming extinct. As said by, 22% of all species will be extinct by 2022 if no action is taken.
Why are animals usually killed for? 70% of animals are killed for their fur and skin. A fur coat is not for us to wear, but for animal itself. acknowledged that eighteen red foxes are killed to make only one fox-fur coat, and 55 minks to make a mink coat. There are other animals that are also used for their skin and fur like snakes, raccoons, leopards, bears, and etc. Hunters would kill elephants for their tusks which are made of ivory, a very expensive substance.
Animal Cruelty doesn’t just occur with wild animals but also with animals that we have as house pets today. For instance pit bulls, they have a reputation of being aggressive dogs. Cruelty Investigators report that dog fighting attracts individuals involved in gambling, drug dealing, and illegal weapons. According to the American Temperament Association, pit bulls were the most popular family dog in America in the beginning of the 20Th century. stated that in all 50 states, organized dog fight still takes place in many parts of the country. In some urban economies especially, dog fighters have bred a subculture dog that is conditioned to never give up when they are fighting, even if it means that they will be badly hurt or killed.
Also you may think circuses are entertaining to watch, but have you ever thought of how they treat their animals? Arluke from PETA stated that the use of animals in the circus has been controversial since animal ware fare groups have documented instances of animal’s cruelty during the training of performing. They also have lack of regular veterinary care and oversight by regulating bodies.

Animals may not have many rights but abusing them won’t make you a stronger person. That just makes you a criminal. Imagine abusing a hopeless child that doesn’t have a voice just like an animal. Abuse isn’t right in any matter. Animals may not have a voice, but we are their voices. Do something about it and make a change. Madeline Bernstein President of The SPCA Los Angeles comments that it’s just the same criminals, just in a different target. You can change an animal’s life if you speak up and make a difference.

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