Importance of Home

February 20, 2012
Every day I hear numerous students complain about this town, how there is nothing to do and now they want nothing but to escape, but when I hang out at their homes I see all that they have disregarded.
The memories, the growth and the comfort that sprouts from the floorboards would knock the wind out of me. Seeing the marks on the wall indicating how tall you once were at age four and onward, along with stacks of photo albums portraying all of the fun that happened in the backyard, basement and front porch.
As I took all of this in, I thought that this is a real home, a home that many don’t take advantage of.
It may come to a surprise to many, but I was not born here in Illinois, nor was I born in the United States or even on this side of the globe. I was actually born across the vast sea we call the Atlantic, on a small island called England, on May 1, 1994.
My family and I lived in a small flat, also known as an apartment, at this time. Later on we moved in 1995 because the original house was getting too small for a family of four with a fifth on the way. My Dad was the senior vice president of foreign exchange for NationsBank and later on for Nomura bank, both of which made us relocate numerous times. Through the course of time we ended up moving four more times, three of those being overseas between England and the United States.
Once we finally arrived in England again in 2000, we were there for a year before my parents decided they wanted to permanently stay in the United States. So we moved yet again in 2001, overseas to the pleasant town of Downers Grove.
During 2005 my parents ended up separating, meaning my sister and I lived in two houses. My dad went from an apartment, to a house nearby to a third house with his new wife, while my mom went from the original house, to a house in Woodridge and then off to Michigan for a while. During that time didn't’t see my mom often, and I was only able to visit her once. I was used to the moving and the packing up by now, but this time seemed different. After my mom left and I started staying with my dad permanently, I began to become more of an individual.
These days I live in the house where my step mom has lived for years, while my dad commutes from Oklahoma due to his job as vice president of foreign exchange for The Bank of Oklahoma. I usually see him every weekend and we try and bond as much as we can. My mom now lives in Bolingbrook, and we also try and see each other whenever possible. I generally spend most of my time alone working towards my future, and sometimes I feel as if I’m already in college on my own.
In total I have lived in 11 different households. As you can see I have not had much time to settle in until recently, and I envy the ones that have had that privilege. Students vent about the dozens of other places they’d rather be instead of boring old Downers Grove, but once again I tell you, take a step back and reminisce on the luxury many of you have overlooked. The support of a family you have been able to see every morning before and after school. A room you have made your safe haven. Even the locations in the floor boards that growl at night that you’ve come to dodge with ease.
Take advantage of the home you live in and all of its past glory, because sooner or later that boring place you always wanted to get away from will become the home you’ll never be able to recreate.

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