Stop Pit Bull Cruelty

February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

Those owners are the ones who don’t take go care of their pits. And also the ones who beat and do terrible things do them. To get their pit to have more of an aggressive behavior all the time, now some pit bulls are just breed to fight.
A lot of people know the negative things about the Pit Bull dog breed. Some of them are true, but some of are not necessarily true. Have you ever wondered why the people that are sick and empty inside are so cruel to the Pit bull breed?
As said on ASPCA .org Pit Bulls often attract the worst kind of dog owners. These are the people who are only interested in these dogs for fighting or protection. That aggressive behavior for fighting in dog fight. That by the way dog fights is illegal in all 50 states
As stated on you have to feel sorry for the Pits that are beaten almost to death. Before animal control steps in and takes the pits to shelters and or put down. About 35% percent of shelters take in at least one pit bull a day. And 1 out 4 shelters, pits and pit mixes make up more than 20% of the shelter dog population.
There are some huge medical problems with a pit bull. If you can see the dog’s rib cage and the dog is just skin and bones. Or if you see a pit that has been chained to a pole, with no food or water and left to die if animal control doesn’t save the pit in time.
So overall it is just flat out wrong what these people are doing to these pit bulls. And a very sad thing is that some pit bulls depend on the people that are doing all these horrible things to them. Just think about this from a Pit bull’s point of view.

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