What Actually happens to Animals in Factory Farms

February 20, 2012
Have you ever seen or heard what happens to animals in factory farms. What actually happens to animals in factory farms is terrible. What comes out of those factories is what humans eat. In these farms animals are tortured and mistreated. Even the meat you eat might have been from an animal that had a disease or mistreated its whole life. This is why we need your help to stop animal cruelty. Can being a vegetarian save an animal’s life from cruelty?
Yes because the less the people buy meat the fewer factory farms make meat and they lose profit.

Skyes says Oli first went vegetarian after he saw one of our videos.. He says, "When I saw how animals are tortured on factory farms, I couldn't justify being a part of that cruelty. I thought, 'Imagine if that were me.' Straight away, I said, 'That's it—I'm going vegetarian. My belief about this is this video of how animals were treated in factory farms was powerful to change someone. Him going vegetarian is not making him a part of any of that cruelty going on in factory farms. Not only is this wrong but they feed tortured mistreated animals for human consumption. What happened in the video was powerful enough to change someone’s life and diet.

Being a vegetarian is not only healthy but it saves animals in factory farms. What vegetarians do may not be a real big thing but it’s a big thing for the animals. Farm says plant foods improve human health, while animal 'foods' degrade it. The most comprehensive study to date regarding the relationship between diet and human health found that the consumption of animal-derived ‘food’ products was linked with "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and cancer. T. Colin Campbell's landmark research in The China Project found a pure vegetarian (i.e. vegan) diet to be healthiest. My belief about this is why they would still do this if the animals they slaughter and give to us have diseases that could harm us or even kill us. I would rather eat plants and live a longer life then eat meat and live a life of sickness. I wouldn’t like to put meat in my mouth than can link to diseases.

Have you ever wondered the meat you eat came from a happy and healthy living animal? Well in factory farms downed animals are still sent to the slaughter for human food. Downed animals are animals are so sick, diseased or disables that they cannot even stand on their own. To me that is wrong and not right to the animals. Farm says under current law, most downed animals are still sent to slaughter for human food—in spite of their tortured condition. Sadly, even sick and suffering animals spell profit to many in the meat and leather industry. Profit, not humane considerations, guides industry practice. What is really wrong is the reason there doing this is because downed animals will make a profit for them. That’s why if everybody were a vegetarian these factory farms will not make any profit because no one is buying there meat. My opinion about this is downed animals who have been suffering there whole life should be euthanized without pain to stop there suffering. They should not be slaughtered for humans to eat and get sick from.

My belief is animals should not be slaughtered in a painful way were they will suffer until they die. If they are going to be slaughtered do it were the animals do not feel pain at all. Farm says finally, all animals raised for meat, dairy or egg production—whether factory farmed or otherwise—meet the same cruel end at the slaughterhouse, where their throats are cut and they bleed to death. The only way animals wouldn’t go through this horrible death is for everyone to become a vegetarian. If everyone would become a vegetarian factory farms won’t make and profit and eventually stop killing animals for us to eat. Then Torturing of animals would end in factory farms.

What also is a sad about this is animals in factory farms don’t live a full life. They die many years short. The years or days that animals live are horrible, miserable, brutal and painful. My belief is this not right for the animals they should live a happy full life. They should be free without human contact. Farm says regardless of the welfare standards followed at any farm, all animals raised for food are slaughtered at young ages – broiler chickens at around 42 days when they could live four years or more, pigs at 6 months when they could live 9 years or more, beef cattle at less than two years when they could live 20 years or more, dairy cows at 4 to 6 years when they could live 25 years, and veal calves at only four months. No matter how well they are treated, these animals’ lives are cut drastically short. Would you like to die young and the days you lived are brutal and miserable? This is why becoming a vegetarian will help the animals live a full happy life because no one will be buying meat. That means no animals killed and a happy free life for the animals.

Going vegetarian will benefit us in many ways. This is why you should become not only it benefits us but animals to. Leo Tolstoy quotes A man can live free and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite and act so I immoral.

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