Wounded Warrior Project

February 20, 2012
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The Wounded Warrior Project serves the soldiers who risk their lives for the people of America and come back home wounded. We should help out the Wounded Warriors because they risk their life for the people of America.

We can help this cause out in many ways by donating or offering services and time to the project, to help out the soldiers who have done so much for us. ”Alone each organization makes a difference with the military community, but together we magnify out impact to those men and woman who sacrifice so much for our country” (Page). This article is very important because it’s a very logical statement. Yes you can do your part alone but if you do it with a group of people its effect is way stronger.

The effect soldiers get from getting help from volunteers or from the care packages sent to the troops overseas is without doubt a moral riser. “Osgood and several other Jaguars- Brock Bolen, Deji Karmin, William Middleton, Zack Miller and CJ Mosley, spent part of their day assembling about 100 care packages at the wounded warrior headquarters“(Jacksonville). This event shows the respect the football stars have for the soldiers by assembling care packages for the soldiers who desperately need them. “The pack provides immediate comfort when a warrior is evacuated from the battlefield to the field hospital”(Page). This shows that your time spent is well worth it. So devoting your time to make these care packages tells the soldiers that we appreciate what they did for us and risking their life’s for the people of America.

What we can do to help is very simple. Just offer you’re time and when you donate money donate it to the Wounded Warrior Project. “More than 300,000 Men and Woman have received services from the wounded warrior project to help the soldier’s coupe with combat related injuries” (Murphy). This shows again that your effort is greatly appreciated and is not going down the drain. It’s going towards rehabbing the soldiers and helping them adapt with their disability in civilian life.

The solution of this problem is simple. Offer your time and donating even 5.00 $ dollars will help. Every little bit helps. The slogan of the Wounded Warrior Project is a simple challenge.” Honor the sacrifice, Support a wounded warrior today”. I leave you with this, if you were a solider and happened to get a life changing injury. Wouldn’t you want somebody there to help you overcome it and become a better man or woman?

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