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February 20, 2012
By Anonymous

We all should care on how to cure cancer. One of the cancers we should find a cure for is Leukemia. Leukemia changes people in many different ways, such as loosing hair and having a weak immune system. The researchers at the University of Maryland state that people with Leukemia are at significantly increased risk for developing infections. A person who has survived or is dealing with Leukemia has a high risk for getting infections. It would be helpful to find a cure because people dealing with blood cancer can get sick very easy and fast. They can only take certain medicines that the doctor gives them. You can’t take over the counter drugs.

Making a donation could change a person’s life you see the donations you make can go to someone’s bone marrow transplant or it could also help find a cure. The people at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society say that the gift you make today will make a difference to people with Leukemia. The donations you make will help with getting the type of medicines that the doctors need to help cure Leukemia. You can also donate to a family member who is battling the blood cancer or who has passed away. Every penny counts!

Finding a cure is a multi-step process. Things can go wrong while running the test; it also depends on what type of Leukemia you have. Avera, says that Leukemia is an extremely complex disease; treatment depends on the type of leukemia, certain features of the leukemia cells, the extent of the disease, and whether the leukemia has been treated before. It would be a good thing to be a bone marrow donor because it could be the one thing that saves the life of someone who is battling Leukemia. We all would like to find a cure for cancer, but in order to find a cure you have to have the money to do the research to find a cure.

To be a bone marrow donor you have to be at least 18 years of age. Bone marrow is the only thing helping some Leukemia patients stay alive. You never know who you could be a match for or who’s life you’re saving. Getting tested is very easy and it’s not painful. You sign up and get your cheek swabbed. You might not be a match until you’re 35 but it helps people who are battling Leukemia.
Amanda, who is a donor, says that registering is not just a cheek swab; it’s a commitment to save a life.

The author's comments:
People who are dealing with Leukemia need supporters. That's why we as people need to step up and donate, or become a donor.

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