Walking through open doors after hell

February 20, 2012
By , lewisville, TX
The subject at matter that we will be discussing is child abuse. Sadly for many children this is a part of life they just have to “deal with”. You see, child abuse is wrong on so many levels, it’s completely immoral, unethical, and sadly it’s a part of some kid’s EVERYDAY lives.
Physical abuse is one of the biggest and well known parts/issues that are addressed as child abuse. As addressed by dictionary.com the actual definition of child abuse is the mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation. Thanks to child help, this information was provided, 5 children die a day from child abuse. Either it be from being beaten to death, or from them committing suicide. It is still wrong either way but sadly is a part of some kid’s EVERYDAY lives. You as a caring person MUST stop this wrong doing to our next generation! We must stop this vicious cycle of parents beating their children, then those children growing up to beat their children. It is said that childhelp.org stated that thirty percent of the abused will abuse their children. What does abuse really say about us as human beings? Does it truly say we want what’s best for our children? Or does it say we want a way to take out our unrighteous anger upon a child? Does it honestly say that we are any better than those who can kill without caring, well that's basically what we are saying when we abuse someone.
How can we do this to someone? As stated by helpguide.org most children that are abused have no feeling of self-worth, a lack of trust, hard to regulate, emotions and relationship issues. It could be any combination of the above, but most have at least one of the above stated issues. We must stop this unethical treatment of OUR children! We must do this together, a little at a time. a way you can help is just by not doing it yourself. if one person that would normally abused someone were to make that decision to not, we could save at least one life per year, at the very least, stop someone from committing suicide because of abuse.

-Thank you for reading

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