Animal Abuse

February 7, 2012
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Everyday cruelty is committed, most likely towards animals. Animals that harm no one, animals who feel as much as we do, animals who can’t speak their beatings. These living creatures go through a lot when they are beat, more than you can imagine. We should help support them by acknowledging awareness of animal cruelty because it is an immortal deed and we are human.

Cruelty of some sort is a crime that is recognized but not necessarily when it’s about animals. Our most trustworthy best friends in life, everyday get abused but we do nothing. They get kicked, thrown, slap, and yes they feel as much pain as we would! In 2007, 1880 animal cruelty cases were reported, however these were reported, and not all cases are. Something we should be proud of? These living, breathing creatures, harm no one but they still get hit. They still obey but sadly afraid of their supposedly caring owner.

When people beat an animal, they don’t realize the effects afterwards. Several animals get their bones broken and later abandoned in the streets to die. Other animals may become violent toward people because they feel attacked due to the scene in their life where they were most scared. They are scared forever, and constantly have to know if trusting another person, is another mistake. When I went into an animal shelter, several animals came from an abusive home. One particular dog caught my attention, I approached it. The dog refused to interact but after quite a while it began to trust me. I was happy but sad of its hard past it went through.

Approximately 3.3 million children witness violence in their home every year. Some will mimic it and some won’t. When a toddler sees a person hit an animal, they will learn it is okay to repeat that behavior. They will start to progress in that behavior and create violence just because animal abuse was committed. Other children may be afraid because they may think that they will get abused too. It may stop them from interacting with people and be traumatized.

When you see an animal, think to yourself, is this something that deserves to be treated like dirt? Is it really worth it abusing an animal when they have done nothing? Aren’t we all human, we should support our best friends and speak for them.

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