February 4, 2012
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As I sat down eating lunch I noticed a neglected issue. Everywhere I turned around, I could see young men whose pants were hanging below their waist. Our young men seem to think that this is a way of respect, not knowing that by wearing their pants below their waist, he disrespects himself and his community. Really? Nobody wants to see your undergarments.

When you have to pull up your pants while walking that means your pants are too low. Young men think this is fashionable, but guess what? It’s not; you are just disgracing yourself and showing how irresponsible you are, because you are not respecting people around you.

I believe there’s a way to help you keep your pants up and leave it on your waist—that instrument is called a belt. I believe a responsible student should wear a belt in school until the end of the day or until you are out of the school premises.

I believe that if this rule is enforced in schools it will save a majority of our teachers, and especially girls, the risk of seeing guys’ undergarments. Maybe it will encourage our young men to keep their pants up at the height that they are designed to be.

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