What is Life?

February 1, 2012
What is Life? Is it something that you can put off till` tomorrow? Is it something that you can stop one minute and pick up somewhere else the next? No...the question is...What is the miracle that we humans so call Life? I`ve read articles titled "Life 101, the basics of life." But you know not one thing that they say in those types of articles are true. Not all people are the same okay! Not all people can live the way they tell us to. Whether it be because of money, or health! There will always be something that we think is wrong with the way we live are Life! But what I think is, people shouldn`t worry about other what these stupid articles say about what Life really is, because its not true. Life is what we want it to be. Its what we put all of our energy into building up. And yeah stuff happens to mess that up. But we just build another bridge and get over it. Life is what we live for! Every moment, every second of every day, is the next. We forget that life will eventually end someday! And we need to live it to our best ability to make it worth the time that we spend here. So people try to put you down and what I say to them is,"I`m living my Life, what are you doing with yours?" Life...what is it? Is it something that you can put off till` tomorrow?

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