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January 31, 2012
By Anonymous

Most people, that I’ve talked to, have the strangest dreams, I have yet to hear of a dream that was at all normal. Also no two dreams are alike unless you have a sight into the future and you’re a psychic then again that wouldn’t be a dream that would be a sight. Also quite strange, is the fact that a lot of people have had a dream about falling off of a cliff even though no one has actually hit the ground after falling off of a cliff. It is rumored that if you actually hit the ground in your dream that you die in real life or just if you dream that you die that you will in real life.

Speaking of dreams the last dream I had was a very strange on and it is quite strange, I’ve just recently started having a lot of dreams when I used to rarely have them. Well, this dream was about me going up to Mt. Baker. On my way to Mt. Baker we had to go up a water slide that led to the lodge and while going up the slide a big fat man tumbled down the slide as a gush of water rushed down the slide and he knocked over our group which consisted of me, my sister, and a friend that I don’t know but appeared in my dream. Another strange thing was that the man was wearing board shorts without a shirt while going up a mountain.

In the next part of my dream we are snowboarding down one of the slopes in the ski area, during my dream I didn’t really feel like I was actually snowboarding but watching myself snowboard. I told my sister and my friend that I wasn’t feeling it that day, but when I thought about snowboarding that I felt like I was so excited but I was just not feeling it. I’m not sure whether they say anything back to me but I remember boarding some more and then my dream fades out, or so I think.

When someone thinks of a dream or talk about a dream the common thought is that a dream is about flying or adventure that you go on, but really they are not. Dreams are whatever you are thinking about at the time so naturally your minds jumps from one subject to the other really fast or spontaneously. When your mind jumps during sleep then your dreams will change subject and turn out strange or foggy. Now sometimes when people are really focused on one subject or a story when falling asleep then the dream will turn out somewhat normal but that is very hard to fall asleep when you are that focused on one subject, I have had a few dreams like that but not many because my mind jumps from one thing to another a lot and therefore making my dreams very strange. When I was young I used to have somewhat normal dreams because no kid really has much on their mind. Somewhat recently I had a dream that kind of stayed on topic for a while. My dream was about this kid was in some trouble and a person was very angry at him so he booby trapped his house with different kinds of deadly traps and in this dream I was Harry Potter so I made it through very easily. Even though that dream didn’t seem very normal it was normal compared to my other dreams which jump from one thing to another a lot.

My Name

In English my name means a town in the valley, which is a good name for me because I live in a town in a valley and also that is what people see of me, the very surface of who I am.

I like it here in this town in the valley, but yet I also don’t. There have been many good memories in this place of the town in the valley but as well as a staggering amount of bad ones. I would never leave this Dalton because of all of my family and friends that live here but if it weren’t for the friends and some of my family I would leave here and not look back, only stress and disappointment would be there.

The name Dalton gives a different meaning to different people when they hear it; a lot of people have different perspectives on me and who I am. To my mom it means a confused teenager who is trying to make the right choice but keeps making the wrong ones. To my dad this means a bad child who keeps screwing up his life and has a future of bad decisions that lay ahead. To my sister Dalton means an annoying rule breaker. To my friends this means a screw-up who knows what’s right but chooses to ignore it, even though he is funny and nice, and also the kid who gets in trouble all the time.

All of these meanings hold a bit of truth, some more than others, but none but my mom’s comes close to the very truth of who I am and the only person who really understands me. No one else feels the regret and humiliation that I really feel after I make a mistake, all they see is the kid who doesn’t care because I put on that face because I don’t really want them to see the way I feel and how bad I feel. My mom is the only one who really understands me because she has made a lot of the mistakes I have made and understands that, and for those reasons my name touches only on the surface of who I am.

At school they say my name with disappointment from what I’ve done. They see the mistakes but never through them to who I really am. They say my sisters name with enthusiasm but also with stereotypical friendship. No one sees the Shay that I do the very selfish and not true of heart, she puts on this persona of happiness when she’s with her friends, even though you do catch glimpses of the very deep down nice Shay, but not very often.

I am not saying that my name fits me well because it does fit me well if you don’t understand me which most people don’t, they see just another town in the valley. For a deeper meaningful name it should be something different but not from what people see of me.

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