Mind Over Heart: My Own Paradigm

April 4, 2008
By Celeste Camello, Davao City, ZZ

I am not the first to say this: “God created man with his head on top of his body because He wants man to be ruled by intellect and not by emotion”.

Man is indeed prone to errors. His human nature drives his heart to where emotions are prioritized but the consequences are sacrificed. It is for me, a very stupid reality. Why is there a need to educate the mind if all it takes to survive are emotions? Yet, funny as it seems, the heart is a strong organ which we can never teach.

Studies show that many futures of young men and women are destroyed due to early marriage or unwanted pregnancy. This issue alone is a proof. Getting into a serious and early relationship is not a decision but a mere feeling and emotion. If it was a choice, who would choose to have a bleak future ahead? Also, we can see these people regretting at the end.

I am not a heartless person. I do not mean that I am very intelligent (char lang). It is only implying that I am a human person who knows how to balance things but my head is always of greater percentage. If we use our minds, there is a heart in there too. I believe that there are three layers of decision where Mind - 40%, Conscience - 40% and heart - 20%.
I believe that the heart dictates us with human nature choices. In between meets the heart and mind unequally which gives us a righteous and Godly whisper of idea we call conscience. Evenly, mind and conscience should be of similar contribution. On top, we must use the mind with coordination to our conscience.

Lastly, I am an educated person. It is a privilege given to me that I have a conditioned mind. It is true that my heart edifies me to be sensitive and easily carried away by the facts and incidents of life. But when it comes to making choices, I work it with conscientized mind. Or else, I would regret at the end of every options I make.

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