The Truth

April 3, 2008
By arslan khan, Severn, MD

Well theres alot of things that people say and alot of things people do but just remember that everyone makes mistakes so you cant blame that person for saying something or doin something in the spur of the moment because most of the time they really dont know what they're saying and how they really feel. but theres also a certain limit which people should not cross no matter what the circumstances are and once the line is crossed its up to the other person to forgive or not to forgive the other. SO everyone that reads this just make sure to hold on to what you cherish the most and dont let anyone or anything get in between of you and that special thing or person because once its gone its gone forever. Also before i go just remember to always stick by your word dont promise something or say something that your not gonna stand by or fulfill because at the end thats all that really counts and thats what really shows who your really are..... And you never know who your hurting at the end.....

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