Dating Based on Looks

April 2, 2008
By Michelle Fox, Panama City, FL

Do you Think it is wrong when
People Date others based on
Their looks?
I dont think it is fair at all.
and it is not right Either,
It is Very Wrong.
Cause if you are dating someone
Based on their Looks,
then its not true love.
they Dont love you.
I think it should be based on
Their personality.
that is what Matters the most.
Cause if you date them based
On personality then that is True love.
It doesnt matter What they Are on the
out side it is who they truly are on
the inside.When i have a Boyfriend.
Is it cause their looks No.Is it their personality Yes.When someone tells me
that my Boyfriend is ugly why are you dating a Ugly guy.Reality Check
I dont date based on looks.
I date based on Personality.
Im not you.Im not wrong.and
I truly love who they are in the
inside not the outside.
So maybe you should try it and you
will get somewhere in life.
Girls every where try to Look
as Pretty as they can be so a Guy will
Like her.I dont do that.cause
its not how love next time
when you like someone.
Just ask yourself is it because their.
Looks or their personality You decide.

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