March 28, 2008
By Karina Gonzalez, Colorado SPrings, CO

I heard that once you fall in love, you can't come out of it. Is that true? People tell me that I shouldn't worry about things like this. But I can't help it. They say that I'm too young to feel but I do. I feel the hurt in me when people lie and say "I love you." I know when they mean it. I'm always tempted to forget about it once in a while, but it makes it worse. Love is unexplainable, we need it though. How do you know if you are caught in that web of love? WE feel it when we are with them. WE forget we love them when we are not. But then that web you made was no use to make it when we forget we love. We like the few little minutes we feel in love, the fact that we're close to them. But some of aren't that way. Some of us are in that process of building that web. It takes us a little bit longer. Hate to tell your parents you like someone deep because you're afraid they'll say "You don't know who you really like right now... at your age, everyone is confused about who they like." And in your mind you're thinking to yourself, "But I really do... how would you know? You're not me." You're hurt when the person that once said that they loved you or showed that they cared for you, now makes a bad remark about that and brings that memory back when they did care. You don't know what to do. Should you keep caring for them... or stop? Once you stop... they care for you and you start trying to make that web again but then they rip it apart and you feel destroyed. You thought they would come through this time and they do it again and again because you love them so much that you forgive what they did to you. "Why do I keep forgiving them when they keep doing it over and over?" you ask yourself. Everyone says to NEVER GIVE UP but you feel the need to do so. "They don't love me back anyways," you tell yourself. "Maybe if I do it once... forget about them, then maybe, just maybe... I will stop loving for them," reassuring yoursel. But it takes lots of practice to forget the ones you loved for so long.

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