The Power of "No"

March 27, 2008
By Evan Frohman, Setauket, NY

Have you ever stopped and wondered how powerful the word “No” can be? Think about it, 2 letters 1 syllable, can destroy love, change history, and end somebody’s life. “No” can cause all cold refusal, bleak denial, and shameful failure. Happiness, innocence, and justice can also be caused by the word “No”.
How can “No” destroy love? A couple weeks ago, I was at a baseball game with my family. During the 5th inning they showed advertisements and other messages. At one point, they showed the message “Will you marry me Sarah?” The camera quickly zoomed into two people. Suddenly, the man’s face crumpled, and the girl ran away. I remember seeing his face; it was a look of total defeat. That is when I first thought about the power of “No.” When I thought about this, I thought about what other things the word “No” could do.
“No” could change history. I saw the movie “300” yesterday, and it showed me how “No” can effect history. If the Spartans had said yes, and surrendered, the Persians would have conquered the world, and changed history. Instead, They said no, and kept democracy alive. Another example is the American Revolution. If the patriots had decided to not revolt, America wouldn’t be what we are today.
How can “No” kill or save a persons life? Think about any murder case you have ever heard about. (Preferably in Texas.) At the end of a case, both lawyers will stand with their clients and await the decision. There is a heavy tension as the judge prepares to make his decision. Everybody knows that this decision will mean the injection, or freedom. The judge then writes his decision and slowly reads “The jury and I find the defendant…” After that, either the defendant feels amazing joy, or a grim feeling of depression.
Love can be destroyed, history can be changed, and lives can be destroyed, simply because of the word “No”. So, next time you hear it, think about this.

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