March 27, 2008
By Kelsey Roche, Darien, CT

An average night for kids of all ages is: homework, dinner, more homework. The average weekend: homework, a little play, homework. Children's lives are infested with school! Everthing a child does has to do with the words "homework" or "school." Homework is used by teachers to ensure their students remember and understand what they learned in class. So, does that mean that teachers don't trust us? If teachers don't trust us, how are we supposed to trust them? "We the students" need to be able to trust teaachers if we need help or tell them we are falling behind. If we don't trust them, we'll never ask for help for fear of being ridiculed or laughed at. The problems will just pile up and result in failing grades which will hurt US because THEY gave us homework! That's not fair to the students who work hard and truly want to do well in school. So, teachers out there if you're reading this, LAY OFF!

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on Nov. 29 2011 at 8:39 am
starr simpson, Chalotte, North Carolina
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i think that is soooooooo true there is scientific studies that show homework only damiges the brain it does not help i should no my aunts bff reaserchs stuff lke that!


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