Christians and Harry Potter

March 25, 2008
By Charisa Gunasekera, Missouri City, TX

Previously in a Teen Ink magazine an article said that Christian's didn't want Harry Potter books in the library. This is a blunt generalization. I'm a Christian and I've been obsessed with Harry Potter. I totally agree that it's plain wrong to take the books away from school libraries, but that's not entirely Christian parents faults. I don't see it as fair for people to group me in with what they believe are rule-following, do-gooders. Because the way I see it is that my God will forgive me for anything and I'll still go to heaven, though I really bring consequences down on my self, like going to jail or hurting a friend. If I brought a Bible to school I'd get in trouble or it wouldn't be concidered speicial, but if any other holy book was brought it would be shown off to the class as culture. Why is it 'religous' when you don't do something you believe is wrong? And why are most people who stand up for what they believe concidered 'Christians', one of my best friend gets that all the time and she's an atheist. Most of my friend don't believe in my faith, but we get along well... i respect them and they respect me. I don't want any ones beliefs shuned any where, especally in a free-lance opinion newspaper; with race, gender, religion ties in and Christianity goes with that. It's been here since the begining of time and I'm not insulting any religion with this, so please don't do that to mine, because it hurts and makes me sad that people believe it's only my parents faults that Harry Potter is leaving school shelves. I respect your religion; all i ask is that you respect mine.

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