A Thoughtless World

March 24, 2008
By Kayla Garbison, Goodyear, AZ

Imagine a world without thought, without voice, without understanding. What

would it consist of? How would they survive? A massive crowd of cadaverous drones

careening as they march toward the end of their lives. Society must think freely without

the influence of propaganda garbling their mind. Propaganda consists of intentional lies

that should never be listened to and without free thought society will never achieve much

more than the facts they already know. Thinking is a necessity for humans to survive.

Through different tactics of propaganda society tricks people into believing

imaginary facts. During wartime the most abused tactic, fear, impedes judgment and

frightens people into fidelity towards their country. Posters accumulate through town

becoming scarier as more support builds from society. These images get burned into

everyone’s mind making them deathly afraid of the opposing nation even if the danger

appears slim. Television channels present aesthetic advertisements to promote drugs

and drinking. They educe the human need to be desired by convincing their audience to

buy a product which in turn will make the buyer more glamorous or more appealing than

others. Alcoholic beverage companies create commercials with the most gorgeous men

and the most amazing women drinking their product. When people see this they

automatically assume if they drink this their life will be better. Truly their life becomes

worst. To get information citizens robotically reach out and click a button on the remote

and expect the truth. Although, news channels present nothing but misleading facts and

bias opinions. They only tell the listener half the story and use facts only to support their

position. With all this propaganda in the world, how can the truth be sorted from the


If people find themselves unable to think, society will never grow smarter or

advance to a new age. Without the process of thinking humans would still live stuck in

the stone age. Over the years inventors have produced things to help the world move

forward to the future. However, without thought, instead of growing more intelligent

their minds would remain stagnant. A democratic society involves independent thinking

and conclusion making with others. No man can live peacefully with other men if they

do not understand that everyone has their own opinion and the right to speak for

themselves. Without thought feelings would eventually deplete. No joy or sadness,

excitement or love. Feeling, the entire basis of life and why humans thrive. Without

them life is not worth living.

Propaganda warps this nation. Free thought, a necessity in human society.

Without it the world would never progress to reach its true potential. How long would

society survive without thought? Each citizen would glide through their life until they

finally died. Yet truly, without the ability to think, they never lived at all.

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