March 18, 2008
By Ashley Lax, Stafford, TX

"I wish I could take away the hurt and feel the pain for you. Wipe the tears from your eyes and really care for you. Give you the shirt off my back and let me be naked. Giving you every cent that I have and hope I don't make it. I wish you had a bite to eat and I was left hungry. I was the poorest child alive and you had the money"
Why do people claim they really want to help but in reality they do absolutely nothing? They watch a child part from life and slowly die if not death then like death.
I cry as I write because I feel like I am just one of those people. I look and weep but do nothing. I want to lend a hand looking at a suffering child. I want to just hug them and never let them go.
Do people not have feelings? Do I? I want to prove that I do.
I once had a friend with cancer. So depressing for me, but to her she always smiled like it didn't matter. I would see other kids walk around the school with a shirt with her face on it. I grew to have the highest respect for them.
I believe that if the world was full of that group of kids, we'd never have to worry about an increasing amount of teen suicides. I may be a kid but I do have a voice. Hear me when I say this: Open your eyes for just a second and not in the mirror. Look into a broken child's mirror. If they do not have a mirror than give them one. Give them something to see.

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