The Future

March 15, 2008
By Dasom Im, Culver, IN

A word ‘future’ reminds me two aspects: a dream job and my future family. Both aspects concern and excited me the most. Future is all about me, not the entire world. I’ve never thought of and cared about a population of internet user, a country that speak the most of English, or the most powerful country in the world. These never matter to me: I live my life, and the worlds live their lives. Nothing could change me.
But, after I watched a video ‘do you know?’ my thought has been modified. In fact, my first reaction to the video wasn’t excellent. All of statistic numbers, confusing and irritating, made me uncomfortable. “Why am I watching this?” pop out from my head. As several researches and numbers were passing through a screen, my mind was loosing the track of the video too. But, when the video mentioned that the India is the most powerful and intelligent country in the world, I woke up from the dullness. I was thinking ‘America’ unconsciously. What have been changed around me? While I was only caring about my ‘future,’ the world’s future was shifting – totally differently. India and China are extremely uprising: educationally, technologically and culturally. One of them or both will be the next ‘America,’ in a few decades. The world’s focus is turning to the middle and East Asia: That is a huge revolutionize. Also, the video showed future jobs that might be disappeared or created – this part made me nervous. Nobody can preciously predict the future jobs and future life patterns: people have to ready for the new life styles. And I am not ready for it.
The world has been variable and I have remained in my comfort zone. While everybody has elaborated themselves once, I have been stuck in my little place: Nothing, nothing, nothing has been progressed in my own world. But I am not going to say it is too late to move on. I am living in 21st century – everything is possible today. Even though I am still behind than other people, that doesn’t mean that I have no chance to involve myself to the new world. My little efforts to catch up with ‘future caring’ people will make me to live in the real ‘future.’

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