March 14, 2008
By Codie Schneck, Millville, NJ

Applebee’s is an awesome restaurant, since the night of November 19th, 1980, their first opening night ever in Atlanta. But since then they have spread worldwide. They are now in Brazil, Mexico, and even in some parts Europe. Applebee’s is restaurant that has a bar in the middle of the building. They serve all kinds of foods. Like seafood, pastas, soups, and others foods too.

I’ve been there once or twice. But the last time was the best. It was about a week ago. I walked in and the place was full of people eating and conversing. They were all in happy moods. The hostess told me that the wait would be about ten minutes. But we only had to wait for about two minutes. I was really happy about that because i was really hungry.
When was got to our table, our server came to us and asked us if we wanted to start off with a drink. She was very nice too. So we ordered our drinks and she came back with them quickly. She was quicker than i thought she would be considering that the restaurant was a full house.

Then we got our meals. We didn't want any appetizers. I wanted to try something new. So I ordered this bowl of Alfredo pasta with shrimp. It was the best thing I have ever eaten. After my fist bite I said, “Oh my gosh, this is sooooo good.” I finished the whole bowl.

They have great service too. Their hostess and server were both very nice. They talked in a polite manner and the didn't rush us. The server told us the specials and even helped my little sister with her menu. And for the hostess, he was very polite too. He talked to me very nicely; even though he was very busy. They were both very helpful.

You should go there sometime. They are great. That's why they are my favorite restaurant. You will defiantly not regret it. Also it will be the best meal you will ever eat. It was for me. And it’s “Eaten good in the neighborhood.”

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