Nintendo wii

March 14, 2008
By Rachel Fullerton, Port Elizabeth, NJ

“Aw, they're all out!” complain so many people coming out of stores empty handed wishing to purchase there own Nintendo Wii. I wish I could just tell all of them not to give up. Instead of just giving up on them all together because seem impossible to get, you can get passes that allow you to buy the Nintendo wii once it comes in certain stores. If that isn’t ok with you, than you can buy them off the internet (Sometimes they might coast more).

The Nintendo Wii was invented late last year. It was invented by Phil Harrison. He probably designed the Nintendo Wii to help think of a game that would exercise people who play it. Sounds pretty funny right? Actually getting to play video games and get exercised. Well it is no joke! So don’t be a couch potato, when you can have fun and get fit!

I received the Nintendo Wii last year on Christmas. I was so happy to have gotten once I found out that you could find more endangered panda bears than Nintendo Wiis. Each Nintendo Wii comes with a game called Wii sports. Wii sports is a video game were you can play actual sports like tennis, bowling, golf, baseball, and boxing. My favorites are Tennis and bowling though. When you play tennis you have to hold the Wii remote up in your hand like a tennis racket and swing it like on using the back and front hand strokes. In bowling you use the remote as the ball you have to act as if you where throwing it. The sound effects also make the impression that you are actually playing the real game. When you do the motions with the remote, you have to be careful and were the strap. If you don’t it could fly out of your hand and break your tv. You wouldn’t like that would you? So please don’t ignore the safety tips and you can say I didn’t warn you.

I think that Phil Harrison did a great job on the Nintendo Wii. Don’t think that it is kids and teens that play the Nintendo Wii, in fact they are actually used in senior centers to help give senior citizens the exercise they need. It also has many extra games that you can by. Some have to do with education, cooking, other sports, and even ones that have to do with tv shows like dancing with the stars.
Nintendo Wii is defiantly worth the wait no matter how you get one, or who you get one from. And in case you are thinking about it, no you can’t have mine! I promise you that if you try hard enough you will eventually find one, or receive one. Whatever you do, don’t give the money up to some other cheaper, easier gaming system. Have fun looking for one!

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