God of War

March 14, 2008
By Khalid abdullah, Newport News, VA

Athens is under attack he god of war Aries. Kratos was a Spartan warrior and fierce commander known for his brutal tactics that would demolish any opponent who dared step foot in Sparta. In a war he was almost killed but called on the god of war Aries to save his life in return of his soul. The god of war turned Kratos into a merciless killing machine that even killed his own wife and child because he was drunk with the power he received from slaughtering his enemy. He is on a quest in the game to save his family and escape the clutches of Aries and try to escape the madness that haunts him wherever he goes.

I would compare this game to another role playing game like lost planet. The game was really good as well as challenging in some parts. The blind spots are what makes the game overly challenging and makes you angry.

The game is bad in some ways because the blind spots will often leave the gamer dazed and confused. Many blind spots give you no clues or hints in telling you how to beat the level.

On the other side the game is very interesting with screenshots and graphics. The graphics during the mini clips are very realistic and make the gamer more into the plot and resolution of god of war.

The game play of god of war is very cool. It’s very easy to fight and you can get a hang of it by the second level. The gore on this game is very realistic giving the gamer an authentic out look on the hand to hand combat of the game. But it can also be a downside to those who have a weaker stomach and don’t wish to decapitate monsters on a regular basis.

The most interesting parts of the game are the short movie clips of the past experiences of the characters and how they got were they are. The monsters on the game are super realistic and give the gamer a great time of slaughtering one after another of the dreadful; beasts. Even though they are fun to kill they some times get really annoying and peck and pull at you while you’re in the middle of beating a level.

This game is very good and realistic because of all the reasons that I have previously stated. I would recommend this game to people who like blood and gore and killing the rabid monsters that try to rip out your very soul and send it to the only place that can handle the thoughts and dreams of a madman, hell. I would also recommend this game to people who like games that you actually have to use your brain and strategizing skills to beat. Overall god of war is a great game and was at the top of my Christmas list in 2005 when Sony Computers, Santa Monica Division released it. It received many honors including “game of the year” by academy interactive of arts and sciences, and in 2007 IGN named god of war “the greatest ps2 game of all time”, on their top 25 ps2 games list. Also look out of war II, which was released in March of 2007.

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