The Invisible Children's Network

March 11, 2008
By Samantha Brown, Clyde, TX

Recently my eyes have been opened to a brand new view of what is going on in the world around me. I have learned about things going on in Uganda, Africa that are both frighting and astonishing. Not too long ago my campus was visited by The Invisible Children's Network. They are an organization that helps provide for the people of Uganda, Africa. After viewing a documentary about a boy named Sunday I was completely engulfed by a felling of wanting to help these people that are in need. The living conditions of these innocent people are completely unacceptable and the multitudes of horindous ordeals that they have to face everday such as tring to find food, water, and shelter for themselves and their family is outragous. This issue has stood out in my mind ever since that day and I think that it is important to share the information that I have recieved. We are a generation of change, love, and compassion! I believe that we have to step up, step out, and make a difference in the world!

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