Do We Truly Know?

March 10, 2008
By olivia dunn, Clarkston, MI

War is a tough situation to talk about. Many people in our nation either know or are related to someone who is in one of our armed forces. Sometimes stating your opinion on war can hurt someone's feelings. it is so easy to get into a debate about it.

In my life an example for this is my grandma and my stepdad's father. She is the most democratic person I know. My grandma went to Iraq during to war to protest which isn't a bad thing but putting herself in danger shows how strong she feels about the way our government is run. on the other hand my (step-grandpa) owns every Bill O'Riley book known to man kind and watches his show every day. He is 88 years old and served over seas in battle in WWII. He is definitely a true republican.

My opinion on war and politics is none. I don't have one. I think I'm too young to really, truly know the difference. If i hade to pick i would probably follow what my parents think but I don't really know if that's what I am going to believe in. That is why I think teens shouldn't have a say because we would probably vote on who has the coolest name or the most money in an election and those are not the true facts.

Finally, for military, I think teens and kids are just repeating what they hear their parents talking about at the dinner table. I guess if something is said so many times you start thinking it is true. Now I know a lot of you won't agree with me but, I thought I was posting an article in the opinion section and I just stated my opinion.

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