An Insight to Life?

March 9, 2008
So many people think their lives are worthwhile, most of them are right. Or is it just your accomplished dreams speaking for you? First thing’s first, keep lifelong friends, because you’ll never know when you will need them and even though most high school friends become distant through college and grad school, you will make new ones It’s only a matter of time. Listen to musicians, their music will always relate to how you feel at any given point in your life. Music will always agree with you, no matter what mood you’re in. A healthy lifestyle will keep you alive. Avoid the junk food, stick to organics. Ignore perfection, eating disorders demolish your insides, and you won’t even notice it. Feel healthy, and you’ll live a healthy lifestyle.

“The best things in life are free”
Some people choose to believe this statement; others think it’s a false hope. As for money, it will provide a solid foundation for your life and happiness, but it’s up to you to find happiness. So many people will go through periods of time where they truly believe they are happy, and find themselves mistaken. Look hard to find the obvious; when most problems are right in front of one’s eyes, they tend to overlook it.

Avoid strange people; fifty percent of the time, they result as strange people just as you thought they were. Try not to draw attention from someone of a younger age; it can lead to an obsession.

Travel the world, it’s guaranteed to change at one point or another. Experience its true beauty while you can make something out of it. There’s a concept of global warming running through everyone’s minds in this generation, but think about what really brought it on…pollution, waste, and toxic gases. The earth itself would be much better without humans on it, and if there’s anyway to stop global warming, it’d be for everyone to die.

As for as living life, I can’t offer much more advice in great depth, as I am only 14 years old, I haven’t obtained knowledge from college professors or people who have yet to change my life. For now, all I can say is that live the way you want to, be who you want to be, and don’t be afraid to follow the rules every once in a blue moon.

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