Best Friends Go Their Seperate Ways After Six Years

March 5, 2008
By Tiffany Olson, Cedar Springs, MI

Best friends in Cedar Springs go their separate ways after their long journey through high school. We interviewed Kayla who said that she and Blair grew up together and were like sisters. “After six years of being friends you would think that you can go through anything together,” she says. “But now your best friend that you have shared secrets with can now move mountains with all the things she has on you.”
Blair said that she always had a problem with Kayla’s strong ditzy personality. “She was always worried about what color clothes she wore. She always had to match and fit in with all the kids. One day I threw a fit and told her that she didn’t have to impress anyone, but, no, she couldn’t listen to her best friend in the whole wide world.
“Kayla told us that she couldn’t begin to imagine what Blair would be wearing when she walked into school the next day. “One day she wears brown bows in her hair with a black shirt, and the next day she wears navy blue with a brown shirt. I hated to be seen with her.” The two girls both said that that they couldn’t stand it when they borrowed each others clothes. “I let Blair borrow my pink shirt, and she returned it with a huge stain. I do believe that they created a washing machine for a reason.”
We asked Blair what it was like to go to the mall with Kayla. “Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started. Every time we go to the mall, she happens to see one cute guy, and everything that you were saying to her goes through one ear and out the other. She doesn’t understand anything; it’s like trying to get through the Great Wall of China.” Kayla told us that they would start to argue over who was the cutest guy in school. It was so dumb. “One time told Blair that I really like this kid named… well, we won’t go there. But, anyway I told her that I liked this kid and the next thing I knew she was all over him like a dog with fresh meat. It was really gross.
The two girls talked about numerous things that they fought about. We interviewed Blair’s mother and got some of her in put. “Since the first day of high school, I knew that they were in for a long and bumpy road of unhappiness and back stabbing. Kayla got mad at Blair for wearing the wrong kind of lip gloss. It was like Kayla had to just peck away at Blair and make her be just like her.”
The two girls went away to different colleges. Like they said they would never talk to each other again. In fact they moved a whole country apart.

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