Depression: A Temporary Problem

March 4, 2008
I want to begin by saying that the point of this article is not to encourage cynicism, but rather to inspire those struggling with depression, and to warn those who may struggle with it in the future that is only temporary. Sometimes it seems as if our bodies just need an excuse to be depressed. You can be happy for two weeks, and then suddenly you run into a slight problem, and it is like this problem is the Trojan horse, with elite depression agents inside who stealthily sneak inside your body and let out the depression that is imprisoned inside of you. Okay, this may not be the best metaphor, but the point is quite clear: everybody gets depressed. Somebody with loads of problems can be jubilant, and somebody who seems like he/she has everything going for them can attempt suicide. It is almost as if the sudden drop from extreme happiness to extreme depression is too much for those famous actors to handle. This does not mean that happiness isn’t worth seeking. It definitely is. Although it is impossible to seek happiness itself, it is possible to accomplish goals which will allow you to attain this happiness. Even if the goals that you are heading for aren’t reached, the quest for these goals can be rewarding on its own, and the failure to embark on such a quest can be depressing. So, seek happiness, but if you’re depressed once in a while don’t let it get to you. If you’re feeling down right now, don’t worry. And if you’re happy right now, know that if you run into a problem in life it’s nothing that you cannot overcome.


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