Seasons Change

March 4, 2008
By Amber Thomas, Union, NJ

Seasons change
They change when you don’t seem to notice
All of a sudden, wind grows cold
And then the snowflakes start to fall

Every person in the world at at least one point of their life takes a step back and feels the changing, and the growing of themselves and the world around them.

For some it may be after a traumatic experience, a moment of great joy like graduation or marriage, or even on an ordinary day. But for me, I feel it the most around this time of year, right after the holidays and a new year; school seems like it will never end, it’s hard to get up in the morning. days are shorter and longer all at the same time. People are more quiet, overwhelmed by work, and cold; our life is consumed by trying to find ways to entertain ourselves during the winter doldrums we live in, including daydreaming of the simpleness of summertime.

There’s a blue, there’s a blue sky on my left and a pink sky on my right
And I'm driving down the 92 where the bridge looks like it touches the sky
And I’m thinking to myself
Where did all the time go?
And why cant I remember
What it was like when I was young?

Now as our generation, the people around us are beginning to grow up and make an impact on the world, it’s important for us to take note of the changes. Although the end of the year seems so far away, we’re all smart enough to know the end of this school year and the start of the new school year is quick approaching. I’ve been told adulthood sneaks up on you. Starting a new school year, and eventually leaving this school represents the next step towards adulthood.

This Winter allows us all to examine our lives; where we’re going, where we’ve been, where we want to be. It’s easy to feel lonely now, when you and your thoughts provide you with the most company. All the juniors and seniors I’ve spoken to share thoughts of not wanting to leave the school. Why is change so hard? All the times we’ve said, almost in unison; from freshman to seniors, “I hate high-school, it’s so boring; we have too much homework, too many papers due, too many books to carry...”
know they would rather high school over the unknown.

Just like adulthood, spring is coming soon. Most of our free time is pre-occupied with anticipation of spring, of adulthood, of change. With spring comes graduation Where do we go from here? Of course we grow older, of course we go on living; but, the overwhelming moments that happen in high school {the perfect night with your friends, the surprisingly good grade you get on your report card after expecting to fail) where will we go when the memories escape us?

Change is scary and difficult, much like winter. So long, but so much to look forward to, so much it could become...

Seasons change
And you grow a little older
Nothing stays the same
The past becomes the future
Seasons change

-Lyrics by Susie Suh “Seasons Change”

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